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I first began to work with Egyptians at my clinic in Montreal, Canada in 1991. All of a sudden, I had a rush of Egyptian men and women coming for therapy sessions. I noticed immediately that every one had an extraordinary quality of beauty in his/her soul, beyond what I had seen in any other culture.
When I first came to work in Egypt in 1998, I saw that the Pyramid of Giza emanates a beautiful green energy of harmony and beauty, and the Nile is full of this energy.
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At this time in history, the energy of harmony and beauty is coming back to the planet, and Egypt has, I believe, an important role to play in this planetary re-awakening.
The talk will focus on how to further awaken the beauty and wisdom in your soul, and bring it more fully into your home and workplace. We will also look at:
      • Egyptian Cycles of Growth and your personal cycle – in different cycles, different things are possible
      • Harmony, beauty, and 4th Dimensional awareness in Egypt.
      • Archetypal principles specific to Egyptians now.
      • New perspectives on ancient wisdom.
      • The voice of Atlantis and star systems in Ancient Egypt and today.
About the teacher:
Mary Swaine is a Doctor of Naturopathy and Phytotherapeute. She d has a Ph.D. in Spiritual Counselling and Spiritual Psychotherapy.
She is a Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Radionician, Colour Therapist, Massotherapist, Reflexologist and Hypnotherapist.
Dr. Swaine is Principal of Intuitive Energetics, the only school in Canada recognized by the International Association of Colour.
She has written 15 books on health and healing and written and illustrated 11 children’s books. Her drawings, paintings and prints have been exhibited in North American and European galleries and museums.
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Deadline for registration: January 20th, 2018.
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