Egyptian Mysteries
The Foundation of Ma’at: Modern Relevance of an Ancient Truth
An offering from Indigo Rønlov, MA
Saturday, December 9th 5-8pm

Once upon a time, the ancient Egyptians were born into the world knowing that they served Ma’at.
An Egyptian goddess with a single ostrich feather upon her head, Ma’at personifies the Truth of cosmic order, natural law, justice, and harmony. Over the course of the evening together, Indigo will offer a glimpse into who and what Ma’at is and why there is an importance to remember this essential concept today. We will discuss Truth and what truth means to each of us. Indigo will offer a few simple visualization tools to help connect you to the present moment and to the truth of what or who Ma’at is for you.

K. Indigo Rønlov, MA hold a master’s degree in ecopsychology and has been studying various aspects of the ancient Egyptians since 2006. She offers classes, workshops, and tours focused on the Egyptian Mysteries, and continues to deepen her knowledge of and connection to these potent and transformational teachings. Indigo has traveled to Egypt eleven times since 2012, spending more than a year on the ground, and has lead hundreds of people to the temples and monuments along the Nile. Additionally, in 2014 she founded a nonprofit, Zahra Handworks Foundation, which focuses on providing education and enrichment to women and youth focused on the importance of handwork, especially from reclaimed and recycled materials. To date, Zahra has shared in Cairo, Bahariya, Abydos, and Aswan.

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