Feng Shui is the art of energy balance (Chi) in spaces, homes, companies also extending harmony to your life and your being… mejor viagra casera

Feng Shui Rites Level 1: Bring Joy and Serenity into your life
(Pre-requisite to Feng Shui Your Home Level 2 workshops, in November & Decmber at Nun Center)

What is this Workshop about:
Your will learn about Feng Shui principles: the Paqua & the cycle of elements. Using these principles, we will dive into discovering the energies of each element and performing hands on rituals to experience and call those forces of nature.

Rituals as a form of mediation in action. We will learn how with mindful awareness in performing simple tasks, we can bring joy and serenity into your lives. We will learn how to bring these energies at will to create more harmony in ourselves and in our spaces.

This course aims to heighten participant’s consciousness level and perception of their surroundings and start their journey to know how to balance themselves and affect their environment.

This course if for:
For those who are interested in applying Feng Shui principles in their lives and homes.
Anyone who is looking for a way to reduce stress and slow down.
For those who love creativity and everything related to design and decoration but want that extra ‘energetics/spiritual’ dimension to it.
For those who are looking to bring peace, serenity, joy and mindfulness to their being.
For those who want to deepen their knowledge about the forces and workings of nature hydrochlorothiazide and gout

How will you benefit?
You will gain an understanding of the principles of Feng Shui and how to bring them into one’s life to bring more harmony and balance.
You will learn how adopting rituals in one’s life, is a way to reduce stress, slow down the overactive mind and connect with the self and creation.
You will get hands-on experience with performing rituals, a form of meditation in action .
You will learn how to bring Joy and serenity into life simple tasks by performing tasks with mindful awareness.
We will heighten our consciousness level and perception of the world and the energies around us, using all our senses and more…
This course opens up a new world of creative potential to change oneself and one’s environment in the direction one chooses
This course is the prerequisite to ‘FENG SHUI Your Home’ courses (in November and December) antabuse online cheap

Example of the daily flow (Schedule)

Friday: 10am to 2pm
We will introduce Feng shui and the Paqua, the cycle of elements and the corresponding animal archetype of each
We will go through the first two elements in the cycle and perform a Feng Shui ritual for each, to bring these elements to life in our experience.
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Saturday: 10am to 5pm
We will continue to explore the four remaining elements in the cycle and perform rituals to bring their energies to life in our experience, a form of meditation in action.
We will do “Which animal are you?” Test and check results
1-2pm we will have lunch together Feng Shui style in the form of a ritual.

About Your Teacher Sarah Enan:
Sarah Enan, is a Feng Shui teacher certified by the Feng Shui of the Present Time Academy in Switzerland. She has established a career in the furnishing industry since 2010 and has fulfilled various projects ranging from boutique hotels, offices and residential homes. Her spiritual journey started since she was 16 with her continuous quest to deepen her knowledge of energetics and spirituality. She adopted meditation practices, yoga and healing arts into her life. She is also a meditation teacher. Her Bachelor degree in Marketing from AUC & MBA from AUB endorses her application of Feng Shui principles not only on spaces but also on companies and brands.
The Feng Shui of the Present Time Academy in Switzerland has taught over 2500 students worldwide and has affiliated Feng Shui consultants and certified teachers in over 17 countries, who apply Feng Shui in various professional domains like architecture, interior design, branding & life coaching among others. The teachings are based on books by D.Didier, and co-authors JF & C Mermillod. www.fstp.academy

Date & Time:
To be announced.

$150 and early bird $130 one weeks before the course, including lunch on Saturday and snacks on Friday.

Reserve Your Place & Book Now: (Limited places available)
Contact nun center 01223980898 or

Saturday & Tuesday

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