College Readiness Program

College Readiness Program

Date: 10/15/2022 - 11/19/2022
College Readiness Program
This is a six-week journey for female adolescents to learn more about themselves, understand their concerns and stressors, and learn skills to prepare for the next life transition (prepare for college).
Week one: An introduction for the group together trying to understand how they view ending their school and starting university, what they aim and hope for, and what they feel about the next phase.

Week two: An exploration of what fields they like, what interests them, how they view college, and what they want out of college.

Week three: An understanding of the stressors, anxiety, and pressures they may experience, and learn means to cope with these stressors, teaching a breathing technique to manage their emotions.

Week four: An exploration of self-esteem and how they view themselves, educating them about positive and negative self-talk and its influence on their lives and performance.

Week five: An exploration of peer pressure and expectations and their influences on them.

Week six: A recap session to explore what has been learned in the past five weeks and how they can apply it to their lives.

Disclaimer: This workshop is only for female adolescents within the ages of 15-19yrs old/ in Grades 11&12/Year 12&13 (High School)


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