Growing Together Gardening Workshop by Frootables

Growing Together Gardening Workshop by Frootables

Date: 8/27/2022

For those of you developing a green thumb, you will find innovative and fun new ways to grow your garden with a range of beautiful and delicious plants that will grow to provide you with your own food source or beautify your home. Our ‘Growing Together Workshop’ will provide you with a new favorite hobby, and give you a great way to spend your time, all while giving back to the environment.

Frootables Story
· Introduction
· How and when the brand was started
· Core values and what we are trying to achieve

How To Manage Your Space
· Different kinds of gardening spaces
· What to grow where
· A focus on balcony/indoor gardening (examples and discussion on the possibilities)

Tools You Need
· The tools that you should have in your garden to make your life easier
· The right way to use these tools

Getting Dirty
· The different types of soil and their benefits (live examples)
· How to mix good healthy soil for your plants
· Composting, how to create your own compost at home (live example)

How to Not Kill Your Plants & Grow Your Own Food
· Climate
· Watering (over watered and under-watered examples)
· Pruning (live examples)
· Nursery and repotting your plants (group activity repotting a plant)

Join us in this therapeutic and enjoyable workshop!

They offer their customers locally grown, high quality, fresh produce and plants to satisfy their need for greens by giving them the key ingredients to live a healthier lifestyle.

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