Mandala: The Birth Process

Mandala: The Birth Process

Date: 11/25/2022
Mandala is a way of approaching the mystery of your wholeness and opening it up.
The MANDALA Program has been created in order to serve the emergence of your creative flow. It is a Birth Process.
Drawing from nature and your ordinary life we will investigate patterns and work with it.

I will work with you to prepare for that moment when the work starts to come through you and guide you as you bring your consciousness into form.
This moment is sacred and requires a willingness to go beyond the tendency to chase a perfect image but instead to tap deeply into Source Energy through the field of your consciousness.

Where your Inner Flame is found.
The Unique Flame that is ready to light you up from the inside is your birthright. I will guide you into finding that access. And from that point of connection
to learn to generate, feel, express. You will be learning to contain that powerful force so that it does not overwhelm you, and to work from that place with integrity.

I will guide you in the practical preparation looking at how to appreciate and become conscious of patterns.
You will learn how to generate your own unique patterns and allow them to create a beautiful radiant symbol of your wholeness.

If you are already working with Mandala and feel a desire to deepen your practice, the course can open the door to a deeper experience.

In this journey you have the opportunity to drop your controls and experience what lies beyond them. Mandala is a portal to your Sovereign Power Center.
Your In-Tuition is key and will be honored. Creative process and play are a way to deepen your Trust in Life.

The requirements for the course are simple:
A willingness to first face yourself with courage and then to go on to express your being through the process that unfolds.

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