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Meet the Founder, Nada Iskander

Imagine a world where health & wellness means to be aligned with your sense of purpose; a world in which all systems (family, community, educators, policy makers, governments) conspire to support you in your journey of living life to your full potential, integrating physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

A world that does not differentiate or compartmentalize the being, a world where we as a microcosm are empowered and given space to mirror the macrocosm and let nature take its course in guiding us into a self-healing and growth process.

– Nada Iskander

Nada’s Story

Nada has spent the last ten years serving as a holistic health consultant at Nūn. After years working as a telecommunication engineer, she turned her passion for health and nutrition into a career. Nada believes in a holistic, integrated way of living, connecting the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual into your day-to-day life.
Nada began as a telecommunication engineer, but very quickly understood that she was not inspired by technology. She found that she was her happiest when traveling the world, interacting with human beings, and in her free time, studying the human body.
She followed her passion to pursue a 4-year degree in Nutritional Therapy at the British College for Nutrition and Health in the UK.
Early on, Nada realized that her mission was to help people align with their sense of purpose because it was only then that dis-ease had no place.

When Nada would ask her patients about the onset of the diseases, she noticed they would often refer to a trauma or major life milestone.

This pattern led her to study deeper. Nada continued to grow her knowledge to offer the most efficient and effective treatment for each of her patients. This is how she found homeopathy, ultimately leading to various modalities within psychology.
Through her studies, she recognizes that dis-ease is ultimately the body or spirit’s attempt to heal one’s self and, at times, heal family and community systems.
Nada’s strength lies in her structured approach. She is grounded in reality while remaining connected to the bigger picture. She goes to great depth in understanding different teachings and synthesizing her perspective to better transmit her knowledge to those around her.

Her passion for people, combined with her passion for healing, has made Nūn what it is today.