What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic Therapy is a form of body-oriented psychotherapy that treats the entire person, not just their mental or emotional state. It aims at helping you experience greater self-awareness and improve your sense of self, confidence, and hope as it reduces physical discomfort while promoting resilience to stress factors in everyday life.
Somatic therapies work with (and through) the body, as the body is where trauma is stored (hormones that the body couldn’t release after the traumatizing event). In somatic therapy, you will have the chance and the space to release the unresolved stress in the body (aka trauma) and resolve the trauma responses in your perception or behavior.

Somatic Therapy can help with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Pre/Perinatal trauma, mother & adult child
  • Sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction
  • Procrastination & Burn out
  • Constant frustration or dissatisfaction
  • Limited range movement
  • Before/After surgeries

Our Methodology:

Somatic Therapy uses several tools and techniques to help uncover what is physically and emotionally holding you back from living your best life, such as:
  • Mindfulness meditation techniques
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Physical therapies like massage therapy
  • Movement practices like yoga or tai chi
  • Myofascial release for deep tissue work
  • Acupressure points

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This modality can help with:
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