Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

What is Sports & Deep Tissue Massage?

Sports and Deep Tissue massage is great for all types of people. It’s the perfect way to get relief from muscle tension and stress while improving circulation, blood flow, Range of Motion (ROM), flexibility & even sleep quality! It can help fasten the healing process on the road to recovery from sports injuries, improve athletic recovery and performance, reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle tension, treat chronic back pain, and break up scar tissue.
It is typically performed prior to an athletic event to help warm up the body and assist with the prevention of injuries. Receiving a deep tissue massage post-event would be the perfect way to target quick recovery. Studies show that it can improve lactate clearance, delayed onset of muscle soreness, and fatigue as well as help prevent injury in athletes or anyone who has been training heavily for an extended period.
Sports and Deep Tissue massage focuses on deep work and pressure points to relieve built-up knots and tension It is used to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress in tight spots like shoulders or lower back areas, reduce chronic aches/pains or sciatica symptoms, posture-related problems, strains, and sprains from overuse injuries, and sports-related pains and aches.

Sports and Deep Tissue massage can help with:

  • Increasing flexibility
  • Speeding up recovery
  • Improving your blood circulation
  • Increasing supply of oxygen and nutrients
  • Helps eliminate by-products of exercise
  • Supporting a relaxed, focused, and clearer mind
  • Reducing pain

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This modality can help with:
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