What is Emotion Code?

Release old negative beliefs and trapped emotions that are getting in your way from living your best life.
Trapped and hidden emotions can cause your body and energy level to be out of balance. This can result in physical and psychological pain. The Emotion Code is a bio-energetic healing technique that frees the body of the weight of negative emotions. It is a powerful, yet simple way to get rid of excess baggage.

Emotion Code can help with:

  • Becoming calmer, less frightened & more trusting
  • Freeing inherited trapped emotions
  • Freeing absorbed trapped emotions from others
  • Releasing physical pain
  • Experiencing more joy & abundance
  • Gaining clarity

Our Methodology:

Releasing trapped emotions can help you feel more loving, open, confident and help you cope better with daily stress or past trauma. Emotion Code uses a Kinesiology technique of muscle-strength testing to identify hidden emotions. A typical session takes about 60 minutes. The number of sessions needed will vary from person to person because each person and their experiences are unique.

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This modality can help with:
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