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A Holistic Health Center

Nūn offers an approachable, holistic view of wellness. Together we will empower you to find balance and align with your goals.

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A place for new beginnings.

We envision a world where people live in touch with their bodies, where health is a birthright, and where well-being means actively pursuing purpose, pleasure, and connection.
Located in the heart of Cairo, our villa offers a serene escape from the city. At Nūn you will find something for everyone, no matter where you are on your journey. We recognize that true wellness requires community and connection. It also requires empowering tools, education, and resources for healing and self-discovery. Through our innovative offerings, wellness workshops, and like-minded community, we help you expand your potential in an inspiring and supportive atmosphere.

Here at Nūn, we invite you to slow down and breathe deep. We have created a space for healing – from the inside, out. Come and gather for a morning yoga class, evening cooking workshop, or afternoon tea. Whether you’re working with your trusted practitioner, visiting our farmer’s market, or simply meeting with a friend, Nūn is your safe space.

Nūn is more than a center. It is a sanctuary. A fresh start.


Who we are

Nūn offers an invitation to education, growth, connection, and peace.

We are a holistic health center founded on the belief that health is a birthright. We blend traditional alternative therapies with modern wellness to curate a personalized healing experience. Our various healing modalities are offered through educational workshops and one-on-one consultations at our holistic health center located in Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.
Nūn is home to leading practitioners from around the world who are passionate about holistic healing and approach client care with understanding and intention.
Each of our offerings is cultivated with thoughtful care from a holistic approach. We address more than your symptoms by looking inward. We consider all aspects of wellness by integrating physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. We offer a wide array of healing modalities within; nutrition, homeopathy, chi kung, bodywork, energy work, and yoga, inspiring you to achieve balance in your daily life.

At Nūn, we empower you to take charge of your health and grow into the best version of yourself.

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Nile Cruise Ashtanga Yoga Retreat

Nile Cruise RetreatFebruary 19-24, 2023REGISTERNile Cruise RetreatFebruary 19-24, 2023REGISTERNil…

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One week guided self practice with Philippa Asher

Date: Feb 12-17the, 2023

A chance to spend one week working closely and in s…

Upcoming Events

Aromatherapy Course : From Plant to Oil Events

Level 1 Aromatherapy Course : From Plant to Oil

11/18/2022 – 12/3/2022

Come and learn, discover, smell, and experience aromatherapy. This cou…

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Stress Management for Teens


This is a 90 minute workshop designed to help high school students learn more about …

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Harnessing the Full Moon


This is a 90 minute workshop designed to help high school students learn more about …

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Mandala: The Birth Process Events

Mandala: The Birth Process


Mandala is a way of approaching the mystery of your wholeness and opening it up.

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Emergency First Response Primary Care Course with AED (International Certification from UK)


This general awareness session on First Aid Emergencies will present most day- to-d…

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Back Care for Scoliosis Events

Back Care: How to practice yoga safely with Scoliosis


Come and learn to practice different types of yoga safely without affecting the curve.

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Together we will empower you to find balance and align with your goals.