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Retreat – Coming Home Retreat – RAS SOMA

Date: 2/29, 2024

Reconnecting to Yourself through Embodied Breath and Conscious Movement with Kaz Castillo and Marcus Blacker

In this three-day transformational retreat, we will work with the body and the breath to release habitual holding patterns and return to the more natural and easy way of being that we were born with.

Our breathing is vital not just to life, but to our experience of life. To breathe fully and freely allows us to feel fully and freely, which in turn empowers us to live fully and freely.

As a result of stress and the suppression of emotions, we develop patterns of tension in the body and restrictions in our breathing mechanism which limit our capacity to be fully present to all that life has to offer us.

Join us on a journey with Marcus Blacker and Kaz Castillo, where they both will help you reconnect with yourself through embodied breathwork, yoga and moving meditation.

Sample Daily Schedule

8:30 am
Morning Yoga Practice followed by Breathwork
11:00 am
Delicious Vegetarian Brunch
12:00 pm
Free Time
3:00 pm
TRE / Breathwork
5:30 pm
Inner Dance / Meditation
7:00 pm

Marcus will share an experiential understanding of how becoming more aware of and adjusting your breathing from a multidimensional (biomechanical, biochemical and psychophysiological) perspective can bring a number of benefits to your health and wellbeing and help you to regulate your nervous system, as well as your cognitive and emotional capacity.

Marcus will create a safe and contained space to take a deeper dive into the realm of emotions and energy, using a combination of conscious connected (circular) breathing, sound, movement, and the felt-sense.

This environment relaxes the body and dials down the overthinking part of the brain, creating a non-ordinary state of consciousness enabling you to reconnect to your inner intelligence, integrate emotional experience, and increase your level of embodiment and energetic awareness. The result is a return to your natural state of wholeness.

Kaz Castillo will be drawing from the yoga tradition to help us re-fire the physical connections that allow us to be fully present and physically embodied while deepening the relationship between our body and our breath, our breath and our mind, who we believe ourselves to be and who we truly are. The physical yoga practice is grounding and nourishing, it invites strength and flexibility, which we can translate beyond how we move into how we live.

While the yoga practice (which will include meditation, pranayama, and yoga postures) provides a foundation for embodied living, the healing modality and moving meditation called inner dance allows us to stretch beyond our perceptions as we move intuitively and intelligently. While the body is finite, the spirit is infinite.

Together, Kaz and Marcus offer an opportunity to remember who we are in body, breath, and spirit.

What is included:
3 nights / 4 days accommodation in a double room on a Half-Board Basis in the Steigenberger RAS SOMA 5-star hotel
2 delicious meals and plenty of healthy snacks throughout the day
Retreat Program
Airport Transfer from Hurghada to Ras Soma and back

What is not included:


Retreat Dates: 29 February to 3rd March (3 nights / 4 days )

Location: Steigenberger Hotel, RAS SOMA


Early Bird 19,900 LE before February 16, 2024
Late Bird 23,900 LE February 17, 2024 and beyond.

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