Menstrual Health Coaching

Menstrual Cycle Workshop

Date: 3/2/2024
This workshop aims to provide guidance and support to menstruators, helping you gain an understanding of your menstrual cycle and learning how to manage cycle-related symptoms. This offering is designed to cater to menstruators across diverse age ranges. Everyone can benefit from this workshop!

Even if you don’t bleed regularly or no longer have a physical womb space, you can still connect cyclically by syncing up with the lunar cycles you will love this Menstrual Cycle workshop if you want to:

  • connect with the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle (menstruation, follicular, ovulation & luteal)
  • eat, move & live cyclically within these 4 phases
  • understand the hormonal shifts that happen monthly for a better understanding of your body
  • identify PMS & cycle signs before they arise
  • learn how to use a menstrual cycle tracker that I’ve designed!
  • to gain simple tools you can implement in your daily life.

This is for you if you…
*experience PMS & mood swings
*experience period pain & cramps
*suffer from pms & painful periods
*are feeling the call to deepen your cycle awareness
My hope is for you to walk away with a deeper menstrual connection and knowledge & simple tools that will support you to live cyclically!

What to bring/wear:

~comfy clothes (yoga clothes, loose comfy)

~your fave journal & pen to write down notes


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