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Welcome to your Center!

Nūn is founded on the belief that health springs from a holistic view of life. While we can help with acute problems, our center’s primary goal is to help visitors achieve balance in their daily lives, taking into account their emotional, mental, physical, and environmental needs.

Within the walls of a beautiful villa in Zamalek, practitioners work to understand each visitor’s unique situation, and help them find ways to center themselves amid the challenges of modern life.

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Upcoming Events

Artabitta Comes to Nūn Center

We are excited to invite you to a unique event in Cairo: ARTABITTA ! Nūn Center will be hosting the 3-day event with over 20 artists coming together to share their love of art and nature with you. Get ready for a multi-sensory experience. We're starting on the 5th of April at 6:00 pm with the art exhibition including Live Music, Paintings, Photography, Sculptures, Glass Art, Jewelry, Pottery and Fashion Design. will accutane clear acne scars

Trust - An AcroYoga Partner Workshop

Build connection, trust, and communication with your partner at this playful all-levels AcroYoga workshop that consists of trust building exercises, games, partner yoga stretches, how to be a spotter, and some basic acroyoga moves.

Body, Heart & Soul: Opening the Heart

Attend a one or two day workshop with inspiring Yoga Teacher Amina Taha and make a difference in the lives of Egyptian children at risk. 80% of the proceeds of this workshop will go to Nafas: empowering children at risk through sports.

Mindful Weight Management

Do you know why diets always fail? Do you know your eating habits? Are you in control? Can you leave food? Can you throw it away? Do you eat in motion? Do you use food to control your mood?. This workshop is not just another weight loss session talking about carbs, proteins and how to hold yourself back.

My Mother, Myself

As women we play the role of daughters or mothers or both. Reaching a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in our life requires deep understanding of our own relationship with our mothers and how it affects our relationships with others. Understanding it, is crucial because we know the mother-child relationship is the first model of love a child experiences. Like the old saying goes " you can't love someone if you don't love yourself".

The Path to Positive Birthing

Birth is like any other physiological event that occurs within the body; like digestion, heartbeat, or sneezing. Do we ever give our bodies conscious orders to carry out any of the latter? OF course not! If your body can make and carry a baby, it can give birth to it too! This workshop is the first of two parts to prepare you for an easy, smooth, complex-free childbirth. It is the more general educational part, followed by 2-3 individual sessions that will help you practically apply what you learned in the workshop. cialis quale dosaggio
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Managing Anxiety - group counseling sessions

Do you struggle with fear, anxiety, and excessive worry? Do you avoid certain situations because they make you feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed or afraid? Does this interfere with your quality of life? Then this is the right group for you! Join us for an 8­week confidential counseling group designed to support adults who are suffering from anxiety. The group will address how anxiety manifests itself in people’s daily lives and offer a channel through which members can unburden themselves among people who are facing similar challenges. By sharing your thoughts and feelings, members can achieve a sense of control over their anxiety and feel more empowered.

General CPR and First Aid Course

This is a Full Certification course on first aid and CPR for anyone interested to learn CPR and first aid. Participants will learn how to act in an emergency, what to do first, various CPR and first aid skills and how to handle them as bleeding, chocking, cardiac arrest, spinal injuries, burns, seizures, fractures, etc…



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“The Nūn Center has served as a true sanctuary for me since moving to Cairo. Its calm and inviting space set on a quiet side street in Zamalek has allowed me the chance to find peace in an otherwise noisy and bustling city. The Center’s staff along with the variety of classes, workshops and holistic treatments offered have enriched my Cairo experience beyond words. Forever grateful.” viagra over the counter south africa

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