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Welcome to your Center!

Nūn is founded on the belief that health springs from a holistic view of life. While we can help with acute problems, our center’s primary goal is to help visitors achieve balance in their daily lives, taking into account their emotional, mental, physical, and environmental needs.

Within the walls of a beautiful villa in Zamalek, practitioners work to understand each visitor’s unique situation, and help them find ways to center themselves amid the challenges of modern life. kesan ubat motilium

Upcoming Retreats & Workshops

Pranayama Masterclass

A two-hour intensive in the practice of pranayama which literally translates into “extension of life-force”. We will learn and practice a range of traditional breathing techniques.

Reiki Leve 1 Certification Course

February 23 & 24th, 2018: Reiki Certification Course Reiki is a set of practices designed to help restore the body to a natural state of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It is easy to learn and once you have it, you have it for life! Reiki has transformed the lives of millions of people around the world and has been responsible for some truly remarkable physical, mental and emotional healings that continue to confound modern medical science.

Thai Massage in Supine & Seated Positions

The course offers an opportunity to learn and practice through repetition of key concepts and skills, under close supervision of the instructor. By the end of the workshop, each person will have learned a basic routine of traditional Thai techniques that, when practiced sequentially, can provide a relaxing practice session in supine and seated positions. Many of the techniques may be integrated into table massage and other forms of healing. This is a fun workshop that serves as a review for current Thai therapists, and an introduction for beginners.
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The talk will focus on how to further awaken the beauty and wisdom in your soul, and bring it more fully into your home and workplace. We will also look at: Egyptian Cycles of Growth and your personal cycle – in different cycles, different things are possible Wisdom within the 7 levels of Egyptian atmosphere. Harmony, beauty, and 4th Dimensional awareness in Egypt. Archetypal principles specific to Egyptians now.

Mindfulness Core Concepts: a one day workshop based on the MBSR program

self-regulate our emotions and thoughts, reduce stress levels and social anxiety , increase immune functioning under stress, improve resiliency with the brains ability to process emotions under stress, increase gray matter in the insula and cortex of the brain decrease anxiety and prevent relapse into depression, help us manage better our interpersonal relations, improve our working memory, enhance creativity

Create Healthy Boundaries for Yourself and Others

If you feel that people's needs and wants must always be met... If you feel that you are not in control of your own needs and emotions... If you struggle saying "NO". If you feel resenting people for not respecting your needs and feelings. If you are a people pleaser.
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The Art of Self Confidence

In this Group Coaching workshop you will understand the psychology and science of self-confidence and will get the tools for developing your personal optimism, self-compassion, self Esteem and self Efficacy.. Go For it!!! clomid cycle chicks
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“The Nūn Center has served as a true sanctuary for me since moving to Cairo. Its calm and inviting space set on a quiet side street in Zamalek has allowed me the chance to find peace in an otherwise noisy and bustling city. The Center’s staff along with the variety of classes, workshops and holistic treatments offered have enriched my Cairo experience beyond words. Forever grateful.”

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