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    4 Shafik Mansour, Floor 2, Zamalek

Welcome to your Center!

Nūn is founded on the belief that health springs from a holistic view of life. While we can help with acute problems, our center’s primary goal is to help visitors achieve balance in their daily lives, taking into account their emotional, mental, physical, and environmental needs.

Within the walls of a beautiful villa in Zamalek, practitioners work to understand each visitor’s unique situation, and help them find ways to center themselves amid the challenges of modern life.

Upcoming Events


Mandala Meditation

February 16: Mandala Meditation is a tool for self-exploration, this unique system represents the innate creative expression of the self as a way to get in touch with and develop the inner voice, while expanding the awareness of our conscious states of being and widening our perception and relationship towards the self as a part of the whole.

Prenatal Yoga Workshop

February 19: Prenatal yoga is a transformative practice, preparing the expectant mother’s body to cope with pregnancy, labor, and birth. Each session we will focus on the emotional and physiological changes as we build a toolbox of physical postures and breathing techniques for you to use throughout the entire process.

Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage Course

February 19 & 20 and 26 & 27: Don't miss a unique chance to learn the ancient Taoist technique of Chi Nei Tsang or abdominal massage.This ancient therapeutic modality is extremely useful in alleviating many conditions associated with the organs as well as the skeletal structure of the body.
Cancer Talk with Dr. Mireille Fanous N.D.

Cancer Talk with Dr. Mireille Fanous

February 27: "Find out what you can do to keep cancer at bay and live healthily." This is an informal talk with Dr. Fanous - a Naturopathic Doctor - during which you will learn what cancer is, what are its triggers and what we all can do in terms of prevention. Knowledge is power. Bring your questions!
Vitality Program Image

Transform Your Life with the Vitality Program

March 1-22: This intensive yet simple program aims to give you not only the first push to reach your health goals, but also the skills and tools to change your lifestyle with long-lasting results. Package includes group sessions, health bag, recipes, detox supplements, yoga classes, Chi Nei Tsang, cleanse manual and email support.

Intro to AcroYoga Workshop

March 4 & 5: We will be discovering and playing with fundamentals of the AcroYoga practice. Learning the basics of AcroYoga (working on alignment, strength and flexibility; learn basic poses). Be prepared for a lot of games, fun, connection and laughter! The event is suitable for all levels.

Mindfulness Through The Senses

March 5: Participants will learn ways to use senses as a tool for stress relief and enhance the quality of attention we bring to living. Each sense is applied in different ways through mindfulness. We will look into how we can use each sense through applied practice.

General CPR and First Aid Course

March 5: This is a Full Certification course on first aid and CPR for anyone interested to learn CPR and first aid. Participants will learn how to act in an emergency, what to do first, various CPR and first aid skills and how to handle them as bleeding, chocking, cardiac arrest, spinal injuries, burns, seizures, fractures, etc…

First Aid and CPR Care for Children

March 9: This is an introductory three hour workshop to help you handle children’s emergencies for infants and children up to 12 years old. During this workshop, you will learn different skills to tackle various emergencies such as: choking, cardiac arrest, fractures, allergies, bleeding, head injuries, asthma, seizures and poisoning.
dancingtheinvisible copy

Dancing the Invisible

March 12: This workshop is a proposal to everybody, with or without dance experience, who is willing to share two days of "travelling" to the interior and exterior of our bodies. To translate the invisible into movement through the imagery.
Thai Massage Course Image

Thai Massage Basics

May 13 & 14, 2016: In this 2-day workshop, Bob Haddad will teach youbasic techniques and concepts based in Thai massage that may be practiced in Thai style, and also integrated into other forms of bodywork, healing arts, yoga and movement therapy.
Thai Massage Course Image

Thai Massage for Upper Body

May 15-17, 2016: This 3-day evening workshop with Bob Haddad will be a fun and relaxing course presenting Thai concepts and techniques for working the upper torso, including the shoulder blades, clavicle, shoulders, neck, head and face.



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“The Nūn Center has served as a true sanctuary for me since moving to Cairo. Its calm and inviting space set on a quiet side street in Zamalek has allowed me the chance to find peace in an otherwise noisy and bustling city. The Center’s staff along with the variety of classes, workshops and holistic treatments offered have enriched my Cairo experience beyond words. Forever grateful.”