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   is a holistic health center in Cairo, Egypt.

latest updates:

March 19, 2014, by Nūn

An Interview: Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Dr. Fanous, who is giving the talk on Women’s health this Saturday 22nd of March,  at 10:30am and seeing clients for private consultation talks to us about diabetes, and metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes). In general terms, Diabetes Type II, starts off with cells becoming resistant to the uptake of glucose (the Pancreas is still producing enough […]

February 28, 2014, by hana

Ending Emotional Eating – An Interview

Ruba Homaidi, certified holistic health consultant and life coach based in Switzerland talks to us about her upcoming workshop on Ending Emotional Eating. We hope this interview can help you find out how you can benefit from this upcoming workshop.  To learn more about Ruba visit her website at: Nūn: How does anger and fear make […]


January 2, 2014, by hana

21 Day Vitality Program

Nada Iskander, functional nutritional therapist, homeopath and co-founder of Nūn Center, has designed a cutting-edge new program for those who want to empower themselves with healthier minds and bodies and transform their lives inside and out. She answers some questions for us about the program and clarifies what participants will learn during the 3 weeks. […]

Upcoming Workshops:

3 Phase Transcendental Meditation Course with Miral Shaaban

Transcendental Meditation (TM) Technique is a simple, natural, effortless procedure practiced 20 minutes twice each day while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. It’s not a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle. It’s the most widely practiced, most researched, and most effective method of self-development.

Healthy Decision Making Workshop with Psychotherapist & Psychologist Dr. Kesmat Goessinger

There is nothing harder to make than a good decision, a decision which has higher chances of making us happy in the long term. In this workshop we will explore our reactions when confronted with a difficult choice between two or more things, we will also explore our psychological nature, our two basic personality parts, the mind and the heart, in psychological terminology, the conscious and the unconscious.

Manifest Your Soulmate with May Cholkamy, NLP & Personal Growth Coach

‘Manifest your Soul Mate’ workshop is a fun journey of empowering theories, self discovery exercises, meditations, visualizations and other fun surprises. Each session will take you one step closer to achieving the relationship of your dreams.

Yoga and Detox Retreat with Christophe Cappon

In this retreat, we will get a great opportunity to cultivate a more profound connection to ourselves, each other and nature through the practice of Yoga alongside a healthy detox food plan.

Get Certified in Thai Yoga Massage with Hana Holdijk

Nūn Center will be offering its first Thai Yoga Massage certification course. This course will cover the basic theory of Thai massage and students will learn a basic massage routine. Once the course is finished there will be a one month opportunity to work with models/clients under supervision of the instructor. Thai Yoga Massage is a therapeutic body work which combines the application of pressure as well as stretching for the client. It is based on the idea that there are 10 pressure lines or energetic lines running along the body, when they are blocked, a person experiences discomfort in their body and the goal of a good Thai massage is to clear these blockages.

Primary Care Course with Youmna Khalil

The Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) will teach participants how to respond to life-threatening emergencies Primary Care (CPR) skills taught in this course: Scene Safety Assessment Universal Precautions; Communicable Disease