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    4 Shafik Mansour, Floor 2, Zamalek

Welcome to your Center!

Nūn is founded on the belief that health springs from a holistic view of life. While we can help with acute problems, our center’s primary goal is to help visitors achieve balance in their daily lives, taking into account their emotional, mental, physical, and environmental needs.

Within the walls of a beautiful villa in Zamalek, practitioners work to understand each visitor’s unique situation, and help them find ways to center themselves amid the challenges of modern life.

Upcoming Workshops

dancingtheinvisible copy

Dancing the Invisible

October 2 & 3: This workshop is a proposal to everybody, with or without dance experience, who is willing to share two days of "travelling" to the interior and exterior of our bodies. To translate the invisible into movement through the imagery.

General CPR and First Aid Awareness Session

October 8: This is a general awareness workshop on first aid and CPR for anyone interested to learn CPR and first aid. Participants will learn how to act in an emergency, what to do first, various CPR and first aid skills and how to handle them as bleeding, chocking, cardiac arrest, spinal injuries, burns, seizures, fractures, etc…

Primary Care Course For Children

October 10: The Emergency First Response Care for Children course is an innovative CPR, AED and First Aid training course that teaches participants how to provide emergency care for in-jured or ill children (ages one to eight) and infants less than one year old. Participants learn about the types of medical emergencies that children face, and how they differ from adult conditions.

Parenting Workshop

October 10: This intensive parenting workshop will help you better connect with your child. You will be able to help them express their feelings, communicate their needs and better yet, help them understand their thoughts. A child’s thoughts can either motivate them to want to succeed or if can effect their behavior in a negative way.



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“The Nūn Center has served as a true sanctuary for me since moving to Cairo. Its calm and inviting space set on a quiet side street in Zamalek has allowed me the chance to find peace in an otherwise noisy and bustling city. The Center’s staff along with the variety of classes, workshops and holistic treatments offered have enriched my Cairo experience beyond words. Forever grateful.”