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   is a holistic health center in Cairo, Egypt.

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November 8, 2014, by Nūn

Knowing When to Quit

Yesterday morning at 6.30 AM my plane landed on the tarmac of Frankfurt airport – 5 weeks before I’d planned to return from my pro-bono development consultancy with a community organization in Mwanza, Tanzania. I sent an e-mail yesterday to all my donors explaining my decision to quit in 11 paragraphs or 833 words. But really, I […]


October 9, 2014, by Nūn

The Importance of Touch

Touch is as important to humans for survival as food but it has been bumped off the list of basic needs. It is seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. However research has shown that the need for touch begins at the beginning of life and remains equally strong at the end of life. When new-born babies and infants are deprived […]


September 29, 2014, by Nūn

Gut Related Health Conditions

Dr. Mireille Fanous, N.D. Talks to us about the Gut, otherwise known as the second brain. Question:  What do allergies, aches and pains, IBS, headaches, autoimmune diseases, ADHD, Autism have in common? The answer is:  What goes on in our gut! Our gut is the seat of a very important part of our immune system […]

Upcoming Workshops:

Lose weight without dieting with Maha Abou Taleb

Have you been on many diets? Are you an emotional eater? Do you watch what you eat but continue to gain weight? A new workshop with holistic health consultant Maha Abou Taleb will help give you understanding and awareness into your body’s response and will give you the tools to lose weight without dieting.

Ashtanga Yoga & Inner Dance Workshop with Kaz Castillo

Kaz Castillo is an international Ashtanga Yoga teacher. She will be hosting a 3 day workshop teaching Ashtanga Yoga. She will also be introducing the unique meditative technique of Pi Villaraza called Inner Dance.

Manifest Your Soulmate with May Cholkamy, NLP & Personal Growth Coach

‘Manifest your Soul Mate’ workshop is a fun journey of empowering theories, self discovery exercises, meditations, visualizations and other fun surprises. Each session will take you one step closer to achieving the relationship of your dreams.

Increase Self Esteem & Compassion with Dr. Kesmat El Nahel Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist (CBT)

Good self-esteem is essential for our mental and physical wellbeing and for achieving success in life . Come learn how to increase your self-esteem through self-compassion.

Transform Anxiety into Positive Energy with Dr kesmat El Nahel Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist (CBT)

Learn how to use your imagination and thinking to reduce your worries and anxieties and enhance calmness and relaxation.

Seeds of Consciousness with Aoun Abi Aoun and Shirin Sakr

Seeds of consciousness - A path to your heart and the heart of humanity.. This seminar includes spirituality as well as energetic science to enable you to evolve on an individual and collective level. Know & Heal Yourself through self awareness and meditation. Learn how to meditate, relax, follow your respiration and witness the moment….

Feng Shui Consultant Certificate with Aoun Abi Aoun

This course is a professional course, that will certify you as a Feng Shui Consultant after attending all 5 - levels of the course. It is for anyone who is interested in seeking a better quality life.

Thai Massage Workshop with Bob Haddad with Bob Haddad

Join an amazing workshop with a talented, well travelled teacher. For beginners and therapists alike this course can help you. Previous experience is not required, but a background in yoga, massage or body movement is helpful.

Primary Care Course with Youmna Khalil

The Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) will teach participants how to respond to life-threatening emergencies. Primary Care (CPR) skills taught in this course: Scene Safety Assessment Universal Precautions; Communicable Disease