Grief Support – You are not alone!

Losing a loved one to death is one of the most difficult experiences any human being can go through.
Grief Support Group is a group counseling designed for adults who experience the loss of someone or something valuable to them.
As grief is a unique process for each person, group facilitators commit to providing you with a safe, warm and confidential space to process your losses and share your grief experiences.
The group will assist you in releasing your suppressed emotions about your loss and help you feel heard, understood and validated.
It will provide you with an opportunity to connect with other people who have similar experiences with grief, and exchange different strategies and skills to cope with grief. It will help you explore your needs during your mourning process while discussing strategies to learn how to live with it better.
Time: 8:10 pm – 9:30 pm
When: Mondays
January the 9th till March the 10th
Fees are 6,270 LE for the entire 11 sessions.
This group has a limited number of 6 members.
A 10 minute call pre screening will take place to make sure that this group is suitable for you.

Who are the Therapists?
Ehab Youssef & Samir Habib are both trained psychotherapists who will be co-leading this group.
For more detailed information on their educational background and clinical orientation, please check the Nūn Center website for their biographies under the ‘Practitioners’ section.

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