Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching can help you become more confident and self-aware, while also creating balance in your life. It can help you achieve your goals in life, whether it is to improve relationships with others or find clarity on what makes you happy.

Life Coaching can help with:

  • Improving self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Creating a balanced life
  • Fostering better relationships
  • Achieving goals
  • Finding happiness
  • Discovering clarity of purpose

Our Methodology:

We offer 2 types of Life Coaching Sessions

One-hour life coaching session – We venture together on a journey of exploration through powerful questions and answers. We uncover the client’s potential, blockages, and limiting beliefs in a safe, non-judgmental, empathetic environment.

Two-hour life coaching session – In this session, coaching, philosophy, and yoga are combined by examining the thinking process and its limitations, and exploring new avenues, hoping to facilitate the birth of a new paradigm.

The sessions are beneficial for people grappling with difficulties in their current social and professional settings, or with spiritual, intellectual, or psychological aspects, and who are more concerned with finding solutions to their present problems rather than going into the past and the events that caused them.
The sessions are most beneficial for individuals who are open, willing to change, commit, and take self-responsibility.

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This modality can help with:
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